03 agosto 2005

la "cattiva" america

visto che siamo in vena, una lettera degna di nota dal NY Times di oggi (inviata dal cuore della "cattiva" America)

Pictures of Misery

Published: August 3, 2005

To the Editor:

The photograph of hungry children and powerless families in Niger accompanying "A New Face of Hunger, Without the Old Excuses" (Week in Review, July 31) fills me with sadness and anger.

If it takes images of starving children on television and in newspapers for the world to wake up to human misery and send the $16 million in aid requested by the United Nations, it would be wise to bombard the world with such pictures every day, as pictures speak thousands of words, words that are too painful to read.

This would give the world a clear view of the real weapons of mass destruction that the richest countries should be ashamed to ignore.

Monique Frugier
Ardmore, Pa., July 31, 2005

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