10 agosto 2005

un punto di vista apprezzabile

dal NYT:

Alternative to Blogging

Published: August 9, 2005

To the Editor:

Re your Aug. 5 editorial "Measuring the Blogosphere":

I have a suggestion that would save us all a lot of time and aggravation as we grow increasingly more addicted to modern technology.

It's ridiculously simple really. How about if all those who spend much of their time chattering on their cellphones stow them somewhere, and actually talk to the living, breathing human beings right in front of them? Then maybe they wouldn't have to spend so much time blogging us all senseless.

We'd all be truly communicating, and we'd have more time to truly accomplish something. Or perhaps just enjoy life.

Radical idea? You decide.

Leslie Ruth Hunter
Atlanta, Aug. 5, 2005

2 commenti:

Lisetta ha detto...

Senza dubbio preferisco anch'io i rapporti con "living, breathing human beings" ma è difficile averli "in front of me" se vivono lontani da me o se per tanti motivi non fanno parte della mia "sfera sociale viva e reale". Possibilità di comunicare "oltre" i rapporti umani che ognuno ha: ecco come interpreto io l'utilizzo delle modern technologies. Logicamente bisogna conciliare la sfera virtuale con quella reale altrimenti "you can't enjoy your life" :-)

pp ha detto...

I totally agree. Is this why I am in this blog?