23 ottobre 2005

The multimedia art of Larry Carlson

Larry Carlson is a visionary multi media artist. Working with computers he creates amazing art that is completely mind blowing. Tech TV called him 'The Salvador Dali of the Next Century,' and High Times magazine labeled Larry Carlson an 'artistic mastermind.

'What sets his work apart is how he is almost magically able to capture the multi-colored iridescent visions and patterns of the inner psyche. Through his digital images, collages, interactive animations, videos, and web art he presents us with the mystical dimensions of consciousness, coaxing us into sweet spiritualized epiphanies one moment then plunging us into completely bizarre surreal frenzies the next.'


1 commento:

nikla78 ha detto...

ho visitato il suo sito, molto bello direi psichedelico anche molto creativo..i miei complimenti

..ma posso dire che mi è venuto un pò mal di testa? :-)